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Dear creatives, have been around for 14 years and during that time we have created a lot of beautiful bead jewellery and decorations together. Our team has always enjoyed doing things differently, looking for interesting trends in crafting, interconnecting different techniques and testing new material. You may have noticed that in the last two years we have added a lot of new products that don’t have much to do with beads. Everything for macramé crafting, crystal resin, Jesmonite creative clay, lots of new paints, papers, but also tools. So much has been added and we have found out that is too small for us.


A place where every pair of hands can find material, inspiration and motivation for their project.

From July 11, 2022, we're changing the name, visual identity, the look of the e-shop as well as the stores, but we are not changing our values. We still want to offer high-quality products at reasonable prices, new trends in crafting, a ton of inspiration and perfect service of orders on the e-shop and shopping in the stores.

Surely you have a lot of questions right now. We'll try to answer a few basic ones:

  • Is Manumi a new company?

It's still us. Our team remains the same, inspiration, products and orders are prepared for you by the same people, you will meet the same faces in the stores. The only thing that changes is our brand – its name and what it looks like. Thanks to it, our range will gradually grow into other areas and creative techniques.

  • Does the contact information change?

The e-mail address will be changed from to on July 11. But don't worry, even if you make a mistake, we'll get your message. Our registered office and bank details remain the same as shown here at the bottom of the page.

  • So you are not going to sell beads anymore?

You can still find all the beads here! Thanks to the beads, we can be here and they are still a big part of our and your favourite crafting. So you don't have to worry, everything for jewellery making remains on our e-shop and in our stores.

  • How different will the e-shop be? What if I can't find my favorite products?

On the e-shop, only its colours, logo and pictures will change. Otherwise, the purchasing process is still the same. In order to facilitate your orientation in our range, we'll rearrange the menu according to the main creative techniques. If you're unable to find your favourite products, please try using the top search box or contact us and we'll help you.

The look of the e-shop will change already on July 7 during the day.

  • What about the stores? Are they staying?

All our stores stay where they are. However, they will undergo reconstruction to be new, modern and with a new Manumi brand. And it's not just their look that's going to change, it's their product range as well. In the stores, we want you to find a selection of the best from our e-shop, from all popular creative techniques. Apart from beads, you'll find everything for macramé, Jesmonite clay, crystal resin, tools for painting on stones, self-hardening clay, everything for crafting with children or with paper there. 

  • What about Mr. Bead?

Swallow back your tears, Mr. Bead is leaving for a well-deserved rest, but his creative spirit will still be in our hearts and will continue to motivate us to craft with beads.

  • So what is Manumi?

We say that Manumi is a place where every pair of hands can find the material for their project. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, we have a selection of products for you that you'll be content with. We emphasise the word selection. We make every effort to sell high-quality products at reasonable prices and make up the range so that there's enough of everything and not too much of anything. Simply so that you have confidence in our goods and don't get lost when choosing from an unnecessary number of variants.

Manumi is here for both small and big creators. For moments of rest, when you can turn your mind off and let your hands do the work. For creative afternoons with the littlest ones, when imagination can run at full speed. For evenings when you work hard to perfect your skill and create something better than yesterday.

If you have any further questions or would like to give us any feedback, please contact us at You can also write on our Facebook or Instagram. We hope that you'll enjoy Manumi and that we'll create a lot more together.


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