Everything for crafting with crystal resin

Everything for crafting with crystal resin


Tamara Koubková (@Tamarchi)
It’s great to have components in your jewellery that are so similar to glass but without its weight and practically unbreakable. With crystal resin, I can even create original cabochons for my bead weaving.

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Basic information and frequently asked questions

Everything for crafting with crystal resin offers all the necessary products and findings that are linked to this trend in jewellery making. From high quality crystal resin and accessories to frames and settings into which you can cast the resin. Take a look, for example, at the unique Nunn Design findings or in the silver and gold-plated findings for resin category. In our range of products, you’ll find our own range of crystal resin thanks to which you can create jewellery from glass-imitating castings, or you can choose resin for glazing that will serve you well for casting components with special settings, as well as products from Cléopâtre resin producer that also offers flexible resin that you can use to make unique elastic jewellery. You can cast resin almost everywhere and you can embed your favourite symbol, for example, into castings, so don’t forget to take a look at other silver findings as well as Amoracast, TierraCast and OmegaCast findings

What resin should I choose?

There are several types of resin. Each has different properties, therefore it’s important to decide what type of jewellery you want to make beforehand. From jewellery made using moulds to flexible resin – take a look at the detailed article that will help you choose the right one.

What can I make from resin?

Using crystal resin, you can create literally anything. From jewellery to decorations for your home. For example, you can cast it into special findings with settings or you can use it to create unique shapes with the help of silicone moulds. You can also dye it using special dyes. You can find these products in associated categories.

Which findings go well with crystal resin?

Nunn Design producer offers special findings with settings as well as frames for jewellery pieces with crystal resin. But you can cast resin into almost anything. Get inspired here.

How long does it take for crystal resin to harden?

Length of hardening differs based on the type of resin. Classic resin takes about 48 hours to harden but it’s dry after only 24 hours. The length of the hardening process as well as detailed instructions can be found on the cover of each product.

Are any other special tools necessary?

When working with resin, you should first of all take care of your own safety. Don’t forget that you’re still dealing with flammable chemicals, therefore the right clothes, a pair of gloves, face mask and well-aired working space are a must. Other tools that will make your work easier to a great extent can be found here.

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