Loyalty program

Since every single one of your orders makes us happy, we want to give that joy back to you and reward you for each purchase. As a registered customer, in our loyalty program you’ll get a part of the value of your purchase back in the form of points that can be used as a discount for your future purchases. The more you purchase, the more points as well as the bigger discount you get.

So how does it actually work?

  • How do I register into the loyalty program?

You automatically become a member of our loyalty program after making an ordinary registration on our e-shop. Do you already have your account? Then you’re collecting points with each following purchase even now. If you don’t have a user account yet, just easily register here.

  • How do I gain points?

As a registered customer, you’ll receive points for each paid-off order on our e-shop or for each purchase in our physical store. You always receive points counted from the total value of goods, meaning without counting the shipping costs, payment fees and without discounts from discount codes of our promotions and gift vouchers. Points from an e-shop order will be added to your account 14 days after it’s been paid for.

You cannot receive points retrospectively in case you finish your purchase as a non-registered and not logged-in customer.

  • How many points will I get for my purchase?

The more you buy, the more points you’ll gain.

21,28 - 38,33 € = 2 % from the value of the purchase

38,34 - 59,61 € = 3 % from the value of the purchase

Over 59,62 € = 4 % from the value of the purchase

This means that if you spend, for example, 35,45 € on your purchase, you’ll receive 0,68 points that equal to a 0,68 € discount on your next purchase. If, however, you add something to your basket and increase the value of your purchase to 40,51 €, you’ll gain 1,19 points, so it’s almost double, and the right to 1,19 € discount on your next order.

You can constantly monitor the amount of points you’ll get for your purchase in the basket during shopping, thanks to a comprehensible thermometer which shows you how many euros you need to spend to gain more points thanks to a higher percentage rate.

  • How can I use the points?

It’s simple. 1 point = the right to get a 1 € discount.

The moment the points arrive to your account, you can apply them to your next purchase, on the e-shop or in a store, or you can save the points and therefore gradually obtain a higher discount on your purchase. How you deal with the points is up to you.

On the e-shop, you have to shop as a registered and logged-in customer. Only in this case you’ll see the checkbox allowing you to choose whether you want to use the points as a discount on your order.

  • Can I only use a part of my points?

You must redeem points in full, partial redemption of points is not possible. In case that the value of your order is lower than the amount of points that you have, you’ll automatically redeem only a part of your points on the whole purchase and keep the rest. And vice versa, if the value of your order or purchase is higher than the value of points in your account, the total amount of your points will be used for partial payment and you will pay for the remaining amount in another way.

  • Where can I get the information about how many points I have?

You’ll find out the amount of points awarded for a purchase in an e-mail confirming the order or on a receipt in case of a purchase in a store. The total value of your point account can always be monitored in your e-shop user account. In the My points section, you’ll see a more detailed movement of your points.

  • Do the points have a limited validity?

Yes, points have a limited validity of 180 days from the date of them being added to your account. Before your points expire, we’ll let you know by e-mail in advance.

  • Can I combine points and discount codes or gift vouchers?

Yes, you can! You can use a gift voucher, a discount code and your loyalty points in one order.

  • What if I want to return or refund an order?

That can happen too. If you want a refund or you want to send back goods from an order that you paid using points, we will return the points (in full or in proportion to the returned/refunded goods).

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