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You always know where your creative package are, because you can trace your package online.

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Order weight limit

Sometimes you can make a big order which is resulting to package that can weigh up to several kilos. Unfortunately, our carrier has a package weight limit. We can send an order with a maximum weight of 10 Kg. If your package is heavier than the permitted weight, you will not be offered the method of transport at all. In this case, either split the order in two or contact us and we will come up with a solution together.

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Tuesday, 26. September 2023


V podstatě jsem spokojená, jen se mi zdála docela delší doba od vyskladnění zboží...

+ V klidu si vyberu to, co potřebuji

Tuesday, 26. September 2023


Rychlé vyřízení objednávky, příjemná obsluha

Monday, 25. September 2023


spokojenost, objednávám opakovaně