Everything for stone painting

Everything for stone painting


Iva Havelková
Painting on stones is a favourite activity for me and my grandchildren. It combines crafting and walks. The kids play with markers, I prefer acrylic paints. The main thing is that we enjoy it together.

Basic information and frequently asked questions

Both kids and adults have fallen in love with stone painting. It combines being in nature with creating and adventure. You can go on stone-hunting expeditions in cities as well as in the great outdoors. You just need to find an interestingly shaped stone, carefully wash it and then create at will. If you can’t find suitable stones, you can buy them in various sizes. It depends on how skilled you are, whether you want to paint concrete pictures, just patterns or decorate the stones purely abstractly. Acrylic paints offer the most possibilities. Using a brush, you can create so much. First, use a wider brush to paint the backdrop on which the picture will stand out nicely. Then paint the details with a thinner brush. If you need to paint a uniform background on more stones at the same time, you can choose a spray paint. For example, pastel chalk paints look great. You can combine them with, for instance, marbling paints and make a really charming stone. Painting using markers is also very popular. You can choose acrylic or chalk markers or permanent markers by Posca or Centropen brands. After drying, don’t forget to seal your painted rock using a clear varnish. Thanks to that the paint will be nicely fixed and will withstand even outdoor conditions.

How to choose a stone?

The stone determines everything. Its shape leads you to the picture or the decor that should be created on it. Looking for stones on walks in your surroundings is a lot of fun. If you can’t find suitable stones, you can buy them in our e-shop. It’s important to always carefully wash and dry the stones before painting them.

What should you use to paint the stones?
Acrylic paints offer the widest possibilities and you can apply them using a brush, but we also have them in the form of markers. If such a form suits you, you can even choose permanent markers by the Posca or Centropen brands. If you need to paint a stone with a uniform colour, use spray paints. Stones can then be decorated, for example, using marbling paints.
How to protect the stones?

After drying, we recommend always sealing the paint with a varnish in order to protect the picture. Our favourite varnish is the one in the spray form because working with it is extremely easy.

What to do with the stones next?

There are several Facebook groups with the stone painting theme. If you become a member, write the name of the group and your postal code on the back of your stone. Then place the stone somewhere in a public place or outdoors. The finder can keep it for their own enjoyment or they can pass it on.

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