Marbling paints

Marbling paints

Marbling paint is unique thanks to its look as well as the experience of the crafting itself. Unique marble designs of various shapes, shades and resulting colours. It can be used on materials such as wood, glass, polystyrene, metal, stone and others. Marbling paints are sold individually, but it’s recommended to use 2-3 colours for a finer result, therefore you can use sets with 6 pieces.

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3.47 € 1 pc In stock
In design white
Manufacturer code CK73201
Product code 44422
3.47 € 1 pc In stock
In design black
Manufacturer code CK73218
Product code 44423
3.47 € 1 pc Not in stock

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In design silver
Manufacturer code CK73219
Product code 44424
3.47 € 1 pc In stock
In design gold
Manufacturer code CK73220
Product code 44425
18.13 € 1 pc In stock
Note set of 6 basic marbling paints
Manufacturer code CK73600
Product code 44426
18.13 € 1 pc In stock
Note set of 6 metallic marbling paints
Manufacturer code CK73610
Product code 44427
18.13 € 1 pc In stock
Note set of 6 chalk marbling paints
Manufacturer code CK73613
Product code 44428

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