Everything for crafting with kids

Everything for crafting with kids


Iva Havelková
All my life, I’ve been crafting using various art techniques. Now that I have grandchildren, I enjoy crafting with them. We create whatever we can, depending on the seasons, but we also paint on stones. The kids play with markers, I prefer acrylic paints. The main thing is that we enjoy it together.

Basic information and frequently asked questions

Childrens’ creativity should be supported from an early age. Crafting helps develop kids’ imagination and improve fine motor skills. Children learn to discover new things, combinations and textures in a fun way. With the smallest children, it’s possible to start crafting with various coloured pencils and paper or plasticine. Children who are a little bit older will then appreciate cutting using scissors, gluing, combining various types of paper as well as materials such as felt or moosgummi. Kids from approximately 10 years of age can try crafting using a 3D pen, macramé or pouring creative clays. Stringing bead bracelets, making keychains or crafting with ironing beads is also a great pastime associated with developing fine motor skills. Last but not least, all ages will enjoy painting stones, looking for which will enrich every trip.

Below we’ve put together some tips about what (or, better said, with what) you can create with kids of various ages. It’s primarily an inspiration, as we know that every child is unique and therefore you shouldn’t be afraid to tailor a specific project to their current abilities and needs.

What can I create with children aged 3-6 years?

The youngest children will certainly enjoy Mucki finger paints and air pens, with which they can create really unique pieces. They can give the first try to modelling with self-hardening clay DAS Junior and the first drawing and writing with ergonomic coloured pencils. And to make sure that crafting isn’t boring, any creation can be adorned with eyes, pom-poms or chenille wires! Before starting school, children should manage simple cutting using scissors, ideally with the special rounded ones that are safer and fit the kids’ little hands better. They can try using scissors, for example, on the popular foam rubber - Moosgummi, from which they can make various animals and monsters.

What can I create with children aged 6-10 years?

Children of this age can move their crafting up a level and embark on more complex cutting, gluing, combining various materials, such as felt and classic as well as coloured papers, or they can find themselves, for example, in painting stones that will surely enliven every nature walk. Many will also be enchanted by easier crafting using macramé cords or painting on fabrics, glass or porcelain. And let’s not forget the popular ironing beads (for children from 8 years upwards) that can entertain them for long hours. However, we strongly recommend adult supervision when working with an iron.

What can I create with children aged 6-10 years?

The moment when cutting with scissors and gluing isn’t fun enough anymore, that doesn’t mean that crafting is “dull”. There still are modelling clays such as FIMO, self-hardening clay or creative pouring materials such as Jesmonite or crystal resin. With both pouring materials, we strongly recommend adult supervision in the course of crafting, the same goes for crafting using a 3D pen. In addition to the aforementioned, it’s possible to delve into a little more complex macramé, such as, for example, crocheting baskets. And we can’t forget stringing beads and making simple jewellery or accessories.

How to achieve the greatest possible work safety during crafting?

All crafting needs to be adapted to the knowledge and abilities of the child. With smaller children, care must also be taken to prevent them from putting smaller components or beads in their noses or from eating them. For some techniques, an adult supervision of somebody who knows the technique is definitely needed. Be sure not to leave children unattended when crafting with a glue gun, crystal resin, Jesmonite, 3D pen or scissors (in case the child can’t handle them safely yet). Damage caused by improper use of adhesives or paints won’t make you happy but most of the time, it isn’t harmful to health. If clothing is accidentally splashed with UHU glue, it’s even possible to take it off the clothes by just washing them in cold water. Before starting crafting with children, always consider if the given technique is appropriate for the child. When taking all the safety precautions, crafting with kids will always be fun, creating unforgettable memories and the most unique creations.

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