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Iva Havelková
Actually, I’ve been around creativity, painting on various materials and crafting, all my life. I paint on fabrics, furniture, I tried oil painting, I’ve been obsessed with aquarelles lately. Using them, I fill frames on walls in my new home, but I also like painting cards for my loved ones.

Basic information and frequently asked questions

Paper and crafting with it accompanies us from the preschool age. Later on, folding, using scissors, gluing or decorating notebooks is added to childrens’ drawings. Many people cannot imagine their lives without a pen and paper for taking notes or drawing and we get that!

Whatever you’re creating, we believe that in our range, you’ll find the right sketch pad, coloured, decorative or kraft paper, the right pencil, coloured pencil or charcoal and all the other necessities, such as scissors and cutters, rulers or washi tapes. So not only kids and their parents can enjoy crafting with paper, but everyone who decided to make a decoration from paper, an original scrapbook diary, a picture or a card for their loved ones.

How to choose the right paper for my crafting?

The basis of every paper crafting is the selection of the right paper. Each is suitable for something a little different and differs in weight, surface texture or whether it’s more suitable for dry (pencil, charcoal and others) or wet techniques (aquarelle, drawing ink and others), which matters mainly when it comes to sketch pads. For various decorating purposes, ordinary kraft paper or the one with printed designs work well. If we don’t want to talk only about the A4s, then there’s also classic crepe paper, silk paper, from which beautiful decorations and pom-poms are made, corrugated fiberboard, card kits with envelopes or foam rubbers. Thanks to the infinite possibilities of combining various papers as well as styles of crafting, you can create original decorations, cards or scrapbooks that nobody else has!

What’s the difference between various coloured pencils and pencils?

Just as with paper, before choosing a coloured pencil, it’s important to decide what you’re going to create. In our range, you’ll find professional art, aquarelle or universal coloured pencils. Among specialties, there are the fluorescent or multicolored pencils Magic by Koh-i-Noor that are popular mainly among children. In addition to classic hexagonal coloured pencils, we also offer round or ergonomic three-sided ones. Besides the colours and shapes, don’t forget to take into consideration the hardness of the lead - the softer the lead is, the more suitable the coloured pencil is for colouring and shading. On the other hand, you can use those with the hardest leads to draw fine details and thin lines.

When is it better to use glue and when to use a glue gun?

Gluing of different sorts is inherently connected to crafting with paper. Glue sticks are suitable for use in case of using classic paper. In our range, you’ll find high-quality glue sticks UHU or adhesive tapes. In case of using a thicker paper or moosgummi for crafting, adhesive foam pieces or super glue are more suitable. In this case, you can also use a glue gun and, for example, play around with multicoloured glue sticks.

What is the difference between various markers?

Probably the most typical writing utensil, except for coloured pencils, are markers (or felt-tip pens). Depending on the type of paper, you need to choose the right marker, taking into consideration, for example, the texture and thickness of the paper. You can choose from permanent markers, acrylic or metallic ones, highlighters or even calligraphy markers. These differ from the classic ones because they have a special chisel tip. You might also come across a brush tip that has flexible possibilities of use and is great for colouring. Original blow pens will be appreciated mainly by kids.

What are washi tapes good for?

Washi tapes have a decorative, rather than functional character. Of course, they will hold a photo on a wall or an important note stuck in your diary, but you can’t really use them to glue a porcelain vase. However, you can use them anywhere you want your notes or pictures to look stylish.

What do I need to make an original card?

Firstly, it’s important to determine what event you are going to create the card for. Depending on that, you can choose the colour of the card and basic designs for crafting. Markers and pencils are used most often, but you can add, for example, self-adhesive eyes on the card, you can sew around the sides (even with beads) or cut the edges in an interesting pattern using special scissors. Cards covered with coloured or kraft papers or even corrugated fiberboard look beautiful too. In the pack, there’s an envelope for each card in a corresponding colour, which you can also decorate according to your own imagination.

When to use scissors, what are the differences between various scissors, and when to use cutters?

Using scissors is just inherent to crafting with paper. However, it’s important to choose the right type of scissors. For cutting out details, scissors with narrow blades will come in handy, for safer crafting with kids, our range offers scissors with rounded tips, and for precise and regular cut, it’s best to use special cutters which will easily deal even with thicker materials. In our offer, we also have scissors for left-handers.

What is scrapbooking and how to begin?

Scrapbooking is about creative recording of memories, tips, events and storytelling. Take your writing utensils, glues, decorative scissors, stamps and stickers out of the drawer, combine different types of paper and complement it with washi tapes in order to make a unique album, diary or, let’s say, a recipe book.

How to make sure that crafting with children is as safe as possible?

Kids enjoy crafting with paper, that’s a given. However, many techniques require adult supervision. Be sure not to leave a child alone with a glue gun or scissors, not even those especially designed for children. Damages caused by inadequate use of glue or markers won’t make you happy either, but most of the time, they don’t pose a health risk. In case of an accidental staining of clothes with UHU glues, it’s possible to get the glue off the clothes with just a simple wash in cold water.

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