Everything for Christmas decorations

Everything for Christmas decorations

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Basic information and frequently asked questions

The Everything for Christmas ornaments and decorations category offers everything important for making Christmas ornaments and decorations using beads, crystal resin, macramé or self-hardening clay. Here you’ll find snowflake ornament wire forms, silicone moulds for crafting with crystal resin with Christmas designs, Christmas cutters for crafting with self-hardening clay, original plywood cutouts, wreath bases, see-through Christmas decorations and glass decorative vials as well as everything needed for creative gift wrapping.

And if you’ve lost yourself in making decorations for a long time and don’t yet know what to give your loved ones for Christmas, maybe something from the Gift tips category will enthuse you.

What do I need for making Christmas decorations and snowflakes from beads?

Decorations built on snowflake ornament wire forms are the easiest to make, while being no less fancy. You can string classic white pearl beads, bugle beads as well as metallic or wooden beads on the wires. There are no limits to your imagination. Stars made using the Magic pearl form a separate category.

More inspiration for making Christmas stars and other bead decorations can be found, for example, in our article. >>>

What do I need for making angel Christmas ornaments and jewellery?

If you don’t want to venture into more complicated bead weaving angel ornaments, don’t despair! You can make an impressive little angel in minutes using wire and pliers. You’ll need beads of various sizes or shapes and wings. You can then use wire or rings to make, let’s say, a halo.

In this article, you’ll find a tutorial for making an easy little angel from pearl beads and wooden beads. >>>

And if you want to make angel jewellery pieces that can also become beautiful Christmas presents, we’ve put together an article especially about angels for you! >>>

What do I need for making crystal resin Christmas ornaments and decorations?

The first and the most important thing that you’ll need for making decorations from crystal resin, is a silicone mould. We offer several types and sizes so you can choose a bauble, star or, let’s say, snowflakes. To decorate them, you can use either pigments, sequins or metallic flakes that we sell in gold and silver colour.

For more information on crafting with crystal resin, you can take a look here. >>>

What do I need for making macramé Christmas ornaments and decorations?

Macramé is the trend of the last couple of years and therefore no home can go without macramé Christmas ornaments! Metallic cords from Bobbiny practically call for being used on Christmas ornaments. For crafting, you can also use Christmas plywood cutouts or jingle bells.

In our Inspiration gallery, you’ll find a lot of tutorials for knotted decorations and ornaments, but you can also read the specialised article with 6 tutorials for easy and beautiful ornaments. >>>

What do I need for making Christmas ornaments and decorations with a wooden base?

Have you seen our original plywood cutouts, which can be used either as a macramé frame or you can use them directly as Christmas decorations and decorate them as you wish?

For such decorating you can use, for example, strings or lace, felt tip pens and paints, felt with Christmas designs or macramé cords. Scissors, glue or a glue gun will definitely come in handy.

We’ve put together some inspiration for making easy Christmas ornaments from these bases here. >>>

What do I need for making Christmas ornaments and decorations from self-hardening clay?

It can’t be any easier! Just get the self-hardening clay, cutters, a special rolling pin with adjustable rings and a modelling pad. If you want to play a bit, then we recommend also trying sets of modelling tools. Then you can fine-tune the product colour-wise using acrylic paints or felt tip pens.

Finished Christmas ornaments will look great, for example, hung on one of these decorative strings.

You can find more about crafting with self-hardening clay on our blog under the tag Self-hardening clay. >>>

What do I need for original gift wrapping?

First, imagination.

Second, a simple paper box, bag or a little sack.

Third, whatever you can use in combination with imagination. There are washi tapes, lace, stamps, felt tip pens and paints, decorative strings as well as, for example, wire and beads. Scissors, glue or a glue gun will be of great help too.

We’ve put together an article with 10 tips for easy and impressive Christmas gift wrapping for you, get inspired here. >>>
What do I need for making other original ornaments and decorations?

In our e-shop, you’ll find a lot of objects that just need a little creativity from you in order to give rise to absolutely unique decorations or ornaments.

Take a look at, for example, see-through ornaments or glass decorative vials, wreath bases, felt with Christmas designs, jewellery jingle bells or the already mentioned plywood cutouts in original Christmas shapes.

You can combine all these objects with the techniques mentioned above, or just create in your own way and make your own bespoke Christmas.

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