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Transparent candle gel is used for making popular gel candles, into which it’s possible to plant glitter or stones, seashells, sand and various other natural materials. Such candles are great not only as souvenirs from your travels. Heat the gel in a water bath and pour it into a prepared jar made of glass, metal or ceramics. Don’t forget to choose a wick designed for gel candles and a tab according to the jar diameter. Before lighting the candle for the first time, it needs to cool down so that the gel gets its gel consistency, then don’t forget to shorten the wick to about 1.5 cm from the level of the gel. Never melt in a microwave oven! All natural materials, glitter and other things set in wax can affect burning, never leave a lit candle unattended.


Weight 400 g
Note do not melt in a microwave
Product code: 47902-1
EU distributor: Manumi Crafts s.r.o., IČO/ID: 24260452

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