Everything for layered bracelets

Everything for layered bracelets

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Basic information and frequently asked questions

Layered bracelets are popular not only thanks to their minimalist design, but mainly thanks to all the possibilities that this trend offers. You can create dozens of various styles, from which you can assemble a unique collection on your wrist. You can combine mineral as well as Mala bracelets with bracelets on nylon Shamballa cord with Swarovski beads and crystals or with decorative spacers. Layered bracelets are often complemented with a simple layer in the form of a thin chain. Very popular variety of these bracelets are bracelets with the Morse code, where you can hide a secret message.



How long should the bracelet be?

The best way to find out the required length of a bracelet is to measure your hand circumference by wrapping a string around it and then measuring it. You can also measure your hand circumference using a textile meter. If you want to string beads on the bracelet, just divide the resulting length in cm by the diameter of beads (also in cm) which you will string on the bracelet. If you want to attach a decorative connector on the bracelet, you need to subtract its diameter from the bracelet length in order to attain the required resulting bracelet length.

What threading material should I use and how to finish it correctly?

You can string layered bracelets on all threading materials as they bind tens of styles together. You can easily create a simple bracelet on a nylon coated jewellery beading wire or elastic bead cord. Finish the elastic bead cord with ordinary knots and use a crimp bead and a jewellery clasp for ending a nylon coated jewellery beading wire. You will need looping pliers for that. However, a nylon Shamballa cord combined with a decorative connector is most often used. You can finish that one with a clasp or moveable knots if you decide to braid your own bracelet. In our e-shop, you can choose from pre-made braided Shamballa bracelets that only need a decorative connector to finish them up.

How to attach decorative connecting components to the bracelet and how to select them?

Decorative connecting components can be easily attached using knots in case that you’ve chosen a nylon Shamballa cord or leather cords and using jump rings in case of chains and ready-made Shamballa bracelets. Beware of the fact that decorative connecting components are not compatible with elastic threading materials. You can choose from tens of styles that we offer in silver and in silver plated with 24 carat gold or 18 carat rose gold.

What can I use to decorate the bracelet?

With minimalistic jewellery it’s enough to pick one central theme. You can create it using metal beads, decorative spacers in silver, gold and rose gold or silver pendants plated with 24 carat gold or 18 carat rose gold. If you plan to decorate your bracelet with pendants, you need to check whether your chosen finding has a fixed loop and therefore it has to be put in its place in the process of stringing the bracelet, or whether the loop is open or there’s none and therefore it can be attached to the bracelet after its completion and finishing it using jump rings.

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