Everything for Mala bracelets and necklaces

Everything for Mala bracelets and necklaces

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Basic information and frequently asked questions

Mala bracelets and necklaces are an ever more popular trend not only in the area of spiritual knowledge but also in fashion. The interesting materials such as exotic woods or glass beads in seven colours of chakras are not only visually pleasing, but there is a deeper meaning behind them. Mala rosaries are very popular for yoga and meditation devotees and newly also for lovers of interesting jewellery. Mala always has to be made from multiples of 9 beads and it is always finished with a guru bead and a colourful tassel. You can refine Mala bracelets to perfection by adding minerals that will support their strength, as well as adding jewellery spacers and TierraCast beads. Also popular are Mala bracelets and necklaces combining wooden beads with glass Mala beads



How to count how many beads I need for a bracelet or a necklace?

The best way to ascertain the required length of a bracelet is to measure your hand circumference using a string and then measuring the string. Then just divide the resulting length by the diameter of beads (also in cm) which you will use to make the bracelet. Be aware of the fact that beads from natural materials can vary in size a little, therefore you should buy a couple more beads just in case. If you want to create a real Mala, you need to count multiples of 9 beads, which symbolises the number of planets in our solar system. Mala necklace always has to be made from 108 beads.

What threading material should I use and how to finish it correctly?

Mala bracelets are most often strung on elastic threading materials that you can just pull on your wrist. The ideal material is elastic bead cord that is not that flexible but it doesn’t stretch out and can be finished by ordinary knots. There has to be at least three of them, even four or five. It’s good to always make the knots in opposing directions so that the individual knots clinch into one another when you tighten them up. You will then hide the resulting knot in the nearest bead. It’s always necessary to choose the right thickness of the threading material in relation to the hole size of the beads that you will use to make the bracelet.

What is a Guru bead?

Guru bead is used as a traditional finishing component of Mala jewellery. It works as a moveable knot and it is important in buddhism mainly because it symbolises a relationship between a teacher and a student. If you plan to create a real Mala talisman and you want to count with number 9 multiples, then remember that the Guru bead does not count into this. If you want to use Mala for meditation, don’t skip the bead but stop at it, turn Mala around and start counting beads in the opposite direction. 

How to attach decorative components to the bracelet and how to pick them out?

Mala bracelets are known for the fact that they have a decorative tassel as an add-on. You can also embellish it with a never ending number of pendants made from various materials. You always have to check whether your chosen finding has a fixed loop and therefore it has to be put in its intended place in the process of stringing the bracelet, or whether the loop is open or there’s none and therefore it can be attached afterwards, when the bracelet is completed and finished using jump rings.

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