Everything for baby accessories

Everything for baby accessories


Barbora Bláhová (@Hometure)
I have a small child but at the same time, I like design. I didn’t want to decrease my standards and disrupt out interior with gaudy colours that baby accessories often have. That’s why I prefer making accessories as well as toys for my daughter by hand. In natural colours, just as I like it.

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Basic information and frequently asked questions

Everything for baby accessories offers a wide range of products for making accessories which mommies as well as babies will definitely appreciate. From nursing or, in other words, teething or babywearing silicone or wooden beads to teethers and rings, in this category you’ll find everything for making not only trendy jewellery for moms but also, for example, for stroller chains. You can also make a personalised dummy chain for your little one with their own name thanks to beads with alphabet letters. We offer all the products in a wide variety of colours including various materials – from metal clasps that hold no matter what to silicone clips that you can easily clean up. In addition to all that, in our e-shop you can find sturdy nylon satin cord and very popular plastic click-on box clasps. Silicone beads are made from certified food grade silicone that is used, for example, for baking pans, so mommies don’t have to be afraid if their baby puts the nursing beads in the mouth. You can find the certificate regarding the composition and health safety of the silicone here.

What are nursing necklaces good for?

Nursing necklaces are used as a stylish and at the same time a very practical accessory for moms and babies alike. While breastfeeding, the baby can play with the beads that are made from safe food grade silicone or natural hard beech wood. Thanks to these materials, babies can later bite the beads as well, which helps stimulate their gums to make cutting teeth easier and to distract babies from pain.

Which beads should I choose?

Nursing or teething necklaces can be made either from food grade silicone that is also used, for example, for making baking pans. This silicone is safe even if babies put it in their mouths, so you don’t have to be afraid if your baby does that. Beech wood that we also offer in the wooden beads section, is also used for nursing necklaces because it’s very hard and doesn’t wear down easily. Both these materials can be easily wiped clean and they don’t get damaged by water or saliva.

What to string the chain on?

If you want to make a necklace, a stroller chain or a dummy chain, nylon satin cord will be a great choice that is widely used for these kinds of products because of its sturdiness, and we offer it in a wide array of colours. We recommend pairing the cord with a plastic box clasp thanks to which you can make a simple knot at the end of the cord and hide it into the clasp that is also very secure after snapping it shut.

Are silicone and wooden beads safe for babies?

Wooden beads from beech wood and silicone beads from food grade silicone are routinely used for moms and babies not only in the nursing stage. These materials are safe when it comes to health and they have a finish that is safe to touch in case the baby would want to put them in their mouth. They are used not only for necklaces but also for making stroller chains or dummy chains because they require low maintenance. Just wash them with water and dry them up. Silicone beads that you can buy in our e-shop are officially tested for silicone quality. In any case, we recommend that mommies have babies under their supervision when they’re playing with the beads.

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