Boho bracelets and necklaces

Boho bracelets and necklaces

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Basic information and frequently asked questions

Boho bracelets and necklaces are just the right accessories for you if you love originality and aren’t afraid of working with diverse colours and patterns. The best thing about the Boho Chic style is that you can let your imagination run absolutely wild and free. You can combine various beads, tassels and pendants that can symbolise your life philosophy. Boho Chic incorporates several different styles because its main aim is to make you feel just like yourself. You can combine simple layered bracelets on a Shamballa cord or elastic bead cord with, for example, a combination of minerals, exotic wooden beads and silver connectors or pendants. Don’t forget to have a look in the TierraCast pendants and beads section where we added some new items predestined for the Boho trend! You can make not only necklaces and bracelets but also jewellery pieces like headbands or foot adornments that will complement your summer outfit.

How to count how many beads I need for a bracelet or a necklace?

The best way to find out the desired length of a bracelet is to measure your hand circumference using a string and then measuring the string. The resulting length in cm just needs to be divided by the diameter of the beads (also in cm) which you plan to use for making the bracelet. Be aware of the fact that beads from natural materials can have slight size deviations, therefore you should buy a couple of extra beads just in case.

What threading material should I use and how to end it correctly?

Boho joins together several styles according to which you can also choose the threading material. If you want to make a bracelet that is easy to put on as well as take off, working with elastic bead cord will be ideal for you. Although it isn’t as elastic as lycra elastic yarn, it doesn’t overextend and you can finish it with ordinary knots. There needs to be at least three of them, but you can even make four or five. It’s always a good idea to make the knots in opposite directions in order for the knots to lock into one another when you pull it all tight. You’ll then hide the resulting knot into the closest bead. If you want to make your bracelet a more subtle one, you can use a nylon Shamballa cord that you can easily weave yourself, or you can pick one of the ready made Shamballa bases. For a more luxurious look choose a nylon-coated jewellery beading wire or a chain. You can choose from silver chains plated with 24ct gold or 18ct rose gold. If you don’t plan to work with finished chains with a clasp, don’t forget looping pliers for working with unfinished chains.

How to attach decorative connectors to a bracelet and how to choose them?

Decorative connecting findings can be easily fastened using knots in case that you’ve chosen a nylon Shamballa cord or leather cords, and using jump rings for chains and ready made Shamballa bracelets. Be aware that decorative connectors are not compatible with elastic threading materials. You can choose from several tens of styles that we offer in silver and silver plated with 24ct gold and 18ct rose gold. We newly offer a lot of beautiful pendants and beads that are the perfect fit for the Boho trend in the Tierracast section.

What can I use to decorate a bracelet?

When it comes to the Boho jewellery, there really are no boundaries. Combine pendants, metal beads, decorative connectors in silver, gold and rose gold colour with seed beads, pressed beads or, for example, with glass beads in the colours of the seven chakras. You can create Boho using natural materials such as wooden beads as well as luxurious Swarovski beads. You can also use crystals and Swarovski pendants that you just glue into decorative beds that we even get straight from the Swarovski itself. If you’re decorating your bracelet with pendants, you need to check whether the given decorative element has a firm loop and therefore has to be put in its place in the process of stringing the bracelet, or whether its loop is opened, or eventually none, and therefore it can be attached to the bracelet later, after it’s done and finished using jump rings.

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