Wick needle

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Product information

Wick needle is a great tool for placing wicks in candles poured into silicone moulds. Use the wick to pierce the bottom side in the middle, pull the wick from the bottom size through the mould in such a way that it overhangs both sides of the mould. Fixate the wick on the bottom side (for example, with a knot) and stretch the wick on the top side (you can fixate it, for example, with a knot on a skewer that you place over the mould). Finally cut the wick only after the wax has dried. The length of the needle is 5 cm, the length of the needle with a handle is 15 cm and the size of the eye is approx. 5 cm.


Size 15 cm
In design plastic and metal
Hole width 2,5 mm
Product code: 47447