Tumbled mineral aventurine 8-12mm 100g

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Tumbled aventurine can be used for decorating candles or for other crafts, but also, for example, as a talisman. Aventurine spreads quiet joy and peace. Its green shimmer allegedly shines through every problem, disintegrates negative thoughts and the feelings connected to them. It brings about peace, balance and harmony. It supposedly supports mental health and peaceful sleep and enables us to let all the worries out of our heads and relax. The pack contains approx. 100 g of 8-12 mm stones.


Size 8 - 12 mm
Weight 100 g
In design tromlovaný přírodní polodrahokam
Locations Indie
Note 100 g = cca 40 ks
Product code: 47955-100
EU distributor: Manumi Crafts s.r.o., IČO/ID: 24260452

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