SWAROVSKI beads and pearls

Change of SWAROVSKI company business strategy

SWAROVSKI beads and pearls have been known all around the world for their beauty, quality and uniqueness for decades. But at the turn of 2020 and 2021, SWAROVSKI company completely changed its business strategy and during 2021 it terminated the distribution of loose elements for retail sale. We’ve chosen the Czech brand Preciosa® Components as a suitable alternative to this range of goods.

SWAROVSKI beads and their alternatives

SWAROVSKI beads and pearls have been known all around the world for their beauty, quality and uniqueness for decades. We have substituted the most well-known SWAROVSKI  Round Bead, SWAROVSKI XILION Bead and SWAROVSKI Cube Bead for 4 types of Preciosa® beads. They are classic round beads Preciosa® MC Round Bead, Preciosa® MC Rondelle Bead, Preciosa® MC Spacer Bead and oval Preciosa® MC Bellatrix Bead. We sell the beads on strings and you can even choose more friendly-priced variants with more beads.

SWAROVSKI beads were not amiss in any bead workshop because SWAROVSKI belongs to the masters of faceted crystal. Just like SWAROVSKI, Preciosa® Components offer beads in many colours, in various sizes and shapes. If you find a tutorial where SWAROVSKI beads are used, you can probably substitute them with Preciosa® beads and pearls of suitable shape and size.

Preciosa® pearls


SWAROVSKI pearls and their alternatives

Popular SWAROVSKI pearls with a glass crystal core and innovative surface finish ensuring a highly shiny and smooth surface, also got an adequate substitute. Round pearls SWAROVSKI were substituted by Preciosa® Round Pearls MAXIMA. Here you can choose from sizes 4, 6, 8 or 10 mm. Preciosa® Pear Pearl in sizes 10 x 6 mm and bigger 15 x 8 mm present a completely new shape. With both shapes, you can choose from a wide array of colours. We offer suitable findings for jewellery making to go with the pearls as well. However, we’ve completely discontinued the sale of half-drilled pearls.

Preciosa® pearls and findings

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