Self-hardening clay 460g terracota


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Manumi Modelling clay that hardens on air on its own accord is intended for making small decorative objects. It can be easily rolled out and you can work on it further using cutters, modelling tools or textures. It hardens within 24-48 hours on its own, depending on the thickness of the materials. It isn’t intended for firing. After hardening, you can decorate it using acrylic paints and varnishes. Product is not waterproof, nor is it suitable for contact with food. In case you don’t use up all the clay from the pack, it needs to be thoroughly wrapped in order to prevent it from being in contact with air and hardening.


Weight 460 g
In design orange
Note it hardens on its on in the air in 24 - 48 hours
Product code: 45948-1
EU distributor: Manumi Crafts s.r.o., IČO/ID: 24260452

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