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The hallmark informs the customer about the authenticity and purity of the jewelry or component. Semi-finished and finished jewelry, goldsmith's and silversmith's products are marked with special brands called hallmarks. The marking itself is done by embossing or laser and the whole process is called punching. Gold goods weighing more than 0.52 grams and silver goods weighing more than 3.49 grams must be marked with a hallmark. Lighter components or jewelry fall into the category of sub-limit goods. However, this should be indicated at least by a purity stamp. The exception is small components, where the marking with a purity stamp is not possible for technological reasons. Our aim is to mark with as many silver components we sell as possible with the purity stamp, if their nature technologically allows it. Below are the current formats of hallmark stamps for silver, gold and platinum jewelry components.

You can find our registration with the hallmarking office here.


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