Polymer clay rollers

Polymer clay rollers

Rolling pins and clay machines by STAEDTLER are essential accessories for working with polymer clay. They enable you to create evenly thick slices of FIMO or KATO clays and you can even use them for other work. Using texture sheets you can press out whatever shapes you want. For creating with kids it is good to use tools from the Kids line. Rolling pins enable children to press out a design into soft and easily-workable FIMO Kids clay. Rolling pins develop children's motor skills and improve their grip. To clean rolling pins and clay machines use disposable paper towels. For working with clay you can also use shaped cutters, cutters, modelling tools or professional extruders.

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Size 33 cm
In design solid plastic
Note adjustable rolling pin with widths of 2.5 and 3.5 and 5 mm
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