Everything for spring and Easter DIY

Everything for spring and Easter DIY

Basic information and frequently asked questions

Get ready for a happy and colorful Easter and spring at home! Create your own Easter door wreath, cute Easter bunnies and chicks, traditional and unconventional decorated eggs and Easter eggs or DIY Easter cookies. You can find all the necessary material such as colored papers, felts, adhesive eyes, hairy decorative or chenille yarns, bases for cards, colors for them and eggs, wooden beads and other items for decorating with us. Whether you want to create Easter decorations out of paper, or you want to decorate your interior with hand-made Easter decorations, Manumi has everything you need and plenty of inspiration. For example, if you don't know where to start, you can be inspired by the many Easter tutorials in the Tutorials and Inspirations section or the articles under the label "Easter" on our blog. There you will find inspiration for Easter creations for children, for different ways of coloring eggs or making cute rabbit decorations. Get started with DIY Easter projects today and let your creativity blossom.

What do I need to create spring decorations?

For spring decorations, dried flowers, colored paper, washi tape, ribbons or felt are suitable. Self-hardening material is also popular. Be inspired by spring nature and try to use its palette of colors and shapes, which nature, waking up after winter, offers. You can combine spring creations with various natural materials such as twigs or leaves.

What do I need to create Easter decorations?

As in the case of spring creation, the Easter one also draws inspiration from nature. Cheerful colors, colored papers, papers with spring motifs, washi tapes, ribbons or felt are all great. Self-hardening material is also popular, from which you can create original recesses for flower pots or other small decorations. You can playfully make your creation special with adhesive eyes, felt ears, pompoms or details from decorative or chenille yarn.

What can I create as part of Easter creation with children?

The selection of projects for Easter creation with children should always be adapted to the age and individual skills of the child. Younger children can start with simple projects like painting on paper or decorating eggs with finger paints or blow markers. Slightly older children can already playfully (with the help of scissors and glue) create Easter decorations from paper and felt or more complex coloring and painting of eggs. When creating, it is also possible to use natural materials such as cones, leaves, pressed spring flowers, which supports children's imagination. Upcycling is also a popular activity, for example decorating mason jars (which are perfect for Easter snacks) or flower pots for spring flowers. With the children, you can also start creating Easter cards for grandparents, relatives or teachers. For this, it is possible to use ready-made bases for greeting cards. We deal with the production of Easter cards in one of the questions above.

TIP: Children will also enjoy creating with self-hardening material! With the help of egg-shaped cutters, they can create, for example, notches in flowerpots, which together with the card can please relatives and teachers.

How to dye Easter eggs and easter eggs?

Here you will find everything you need for traditional and less traditional egg dyeing. For example, you can try decorating with felt-tip pens and markers, blowing markers, spray paints, glitter paste or marbling dip paints. And if you want to win a little more with the eggs, you can braid the eggs with beads, macramé yarn or acrylic adhesive stones. Traditional methods such as batik or scratched Easter eggs require a little patience and finer tools. You can also experiment with natural dyes such as onion skin or beetroot. See instructions and inspiration for dyeing Easter eggs here.

What do I need for Easter and spring paper crafting?

For Easter and spring paper creations, colored or kraft papers, papers with motifs and effects, cheerful washi tapes, as well as various colors, markers, sprays or stamps are suitable. Scissors and glue are essential. You can create ornaments and decorations with the motif of flowers, butterflies, eggs, chicks, bunnies and much more. 3D decorations are also popular, such as colorful garlands, eggs made of paper strips or handmade candy boxes for children and carolers. See instructions for Easter paper crafts here.

TIP: Try making original paper flowers from tissue paper!

How to make an original DIY Easter card?

For DIY Easter cards, you can use either ready-made card bases or sketchbooks. You can liven them up with different types of paints, markers, sprays or stamps. Kids can have fun with blow-up markers and finger paints. The use of decorative washi tapes and eyelets add playfulness. Original 3D greeting cards with the motif of a bushy rabbit tail, hanging eggs or origami ornaments are also popular. View Easter card tutorials here.

How to create an Easter wreath or other decoration for the door?

Welcome spring and a festive atmosphere at home! Choose a suitable base for the wreath and the material (or materials) with which you want to decorate it. Popular are colored papers, felts, ribbons, furry decorative and chenille yarns or also macrame yarns. For example, combing ones look beautiful, the combed ends of which will flutter beautifully in the spring breeze. For greater variety, you can combine different materials and colors. You can also decorate the details with beads or pom-poms. Making a wreath can be a fun activity for the whole family.

How are the Easter holidays?

Easter is celebrated in our country with a number of unique traditions that intertwine with the important Christian events of Holy Week, with each day having its own specific meaning and customs. It starts with Palm Sunday, which is associated with decorating with flowers, cats and willow twigs - you can further decorate them with colorful ribbons or paper ornaments. Blue Lent Monday, Gray Tuesday and Ugly Wednesday are not as prominently represented in Czech traditions as they are, for example, in Spain or Italy. In our country, it is usually a period of cleaning and preparations for the following Holy Week celebrations. It is on these days that you can also create Easter decorations and fine-tune the last details. Maundy Thursday is a commemoration of the Last Supper of Jesus with the apostles and in some areas it is also a tradition to eat green foods as a symbol of spring. Good Friday is a day of strict fasting and reflection. There are commemorations of the Stations of the Cross, and some towns and villages also host parades or theatrical performances depicting the biblical events of Good Friday. In the Czech tradition, White Saturday is a day of calm and anticipation. This day is also associated with preparations for Easter Sunday - painting eggs and preparing Easter dishes. Easter Sunday is a day of joy and celebration in the Czech Republic. Various folk customs fall on this day, such as caroling, where young men go from house to house and symbolically "whip" women with willow sticks decorated with ribbons. This custom is supposed to bring health and beauty to girls. Families gather for a rich lunch, which must include Easter lamb or pudding. Easter Monday is a national holiday in the Czech Republic and is traditionally a day of rest and family gatherings. This day is also known as "pomlázka", because even on Monday the tradition of caroling continues.

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