Unfinished jewellery chain in rose gold colour No.122


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Unfinished jewellery chain in rose gold colour No.122 is a jewellery unfinished chain intended for making necklaces or chains. To make a complete piece of jewellery, just add a clasp. Rhodium is exceptional in its wear resistance and the fact that it doesn’t tarnish. It also doesn’t contain nickel so it’s suitable even for allergic people.


Size max. šíře 1,2 mm
In design in rose gold colour
Note delivered in separate packages of 1 m each
Product code: 38279-1
EU distributor: Manumi Crafts s.r.o., IČ/ID: 24260452

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Tuesday, 19. September 2023


Vsetko prislo ok,,len obal bol natrhnuty,ale tovar bol.ok

Monday, 18. September 2023


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