PRECIOSA rokajl 10/0 PermaLux (22013) No.270

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Preciosa ornela a.s.

PRECIOSA seed pearls with PermaLux 10/0 refinement in pearlescent version belong to the permanent PRECIOSA seed beads program. They excel thanks to their higher mechanical and chemical resistance to outer elements. They’re dyed using ecological water-based dyes. Just as all the other pearls, they’re suitable for use in bead weaving jewellery, for crocheting or weaving bracelets as well as for making embroidered pictures. We don’t recommend using these pearls in textile applications that will subsequently be washed in a washing machine.


Size 10/0 2,2-2,4 mm
In design purple
Hole width 0,9 mm
Note 20 g = approx. 1800 pcs
Product code: 47693