FIMO liquid decorating gel

FIMO liquid decorating gel

FIMO transparent decorating Liquid gel by STAEDTLER is versatile and it offers a myriad of possibilities to work with FIMO clay and even with other art techniques. The gel can be mixed with pigments, oil paints and sprinkles and so it allows you to create new effects. When used with FIMO clay, it gets hardened in the same way as FIMO clay in an oven and it is still flexible after hardening. Using FIMO Liquid gel you can transfer a picture from a paper to a polymer clay. You just need to spread a thin layer of the gel over the picture and bake it in an oven for 30 minutes at 110°C. Then remove the remaining paper from the cooled gel in a water bath. Now you have a picture on a transparent film which can be transferred anywhere, for example to a FIMO clay.

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