SWAROVSKI elements

SWAROVSKI, the world’s prominent manufacturer of faceted crystal, was offering a wide scale of loose elements of beads, pendants, glue-on, iron-on or sew-on stones, pearls or various round or fancy stones designed for making jewellery and other fashion accessories.

Changing the company’s business strategy

At the turn of 2020 and 2021, SWAROVSKI company completely changed its business strategy, and during 2021 it terminated the distribution of loose elements for retail sale. We’ve chosen the Czech brand Preciosa® Components as a suitable alternative to this range of goods.

Replacement of the SWAROVSKI range with Preciosa® Components

This Czech company operates in 140 countries and thanks to its unique cutting technique, it offers high-quality faceted beads, pendants, glue-on and iron-on stones, fancy stones and pearls, which can be used as a fitting alternative to the SWAROVSKI range.

Round and fancy stones

Instead of the popular SWAROVSKI round stones, you can buy Preciosa® round stones that keep the “rivoli” shape - Preciosa® MC Rivoli MAXIMA. Other round shapes, SWAROVSKI Dome Round Stone and XIRIUS Chaton were then replaced by the round stones Preciosa® MC Chaton MAXIMA.

SWAROVSKI fancy stones weren’t left without their substitutes either. 18 different shapes of SWAROVSKI were replaced by just 3 best-selling fancy stones, namely Preciosa® MC Cushion Square MAXIMA, Preciosa® MC Baroque Pear MAXIMA a Preciosa® MC Oval MAXIMA.

Beads and pearls

Here you can choose from 300 different beads in 4 shapes. SWAROVSKI Xilion beads were replaced by Preciosa® MC Beads Rondelle, the place of SWAROVSKI Round Beads was taken by Preciosa® MC Round Beads, SWAROVSKI Briolette Beads were replaced by the shape Preciosa® MC Bellatrix Beads and Preciosa® MC Spacer Beads were recently added to our range.

In the Preciosa® Components range, you’ll also find a replacement for the popular SWAROVSKI pearls. In this case, the range of shapes was widened and in addition to the Preciosa® Round Pearls MAXIMA we now also offer Preciosa® Pear Pearls.


SWAROVSKI pendants were a part of many jewellery pieces and you can also buy suitable alternatives in the shape of Preciosa® pendants. In our range, there are now 4 shapes of pendants in basic colours, namely Preciosa® MC Heart Pendants MAXIMA, Preciosa® MC Rivoli Pendants and two shapes of drops - Preciosa® MC Drop Pendants 681, which are a bit more rounded compared to the Preciosa® MC Drop Pendants 984.

Glue-on, sew-on and iron-on stones

Preciosa® MC glue-on round stones 662 and Preciosa® MC glue-on chaton roses MAXIMA have a flat bottom and the application is completely the same as with SWAROVSKI glue-on stones.

Also SWAROVSKI iron-on stones that are ironed and get glued onto the chosen material using heat and released glue, have their successor. Here you’ll find Preciosa® MC iron-on chaton roses MAXIMA in two sizes and in many colours.

Preciosa® sew-on stones with either one or two holes can be an alternative to the popular SWAROVSKI sew-on stones. There are a total of three shapes to choose from and those are Preciosa® MC sew-on chaton roses VIVA12, Preciosa® MC sew-on Rivoli and Preciosa® MC sew-on flowers.

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