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Sculpey Sculpey Soufflé is a lightweight polymer clay that keeps its fine velvety look even after baking. It was developed in the USA and it's popular among artists as well as other polymer clay enthusiasts. It stands out thanks to being easy to work with and its wide array of, among others, pastel colours. It has the same characteristics as standard Premo but it’s approximately 10 % lighter. Therefore it’s great for larger projects where weight is more important, or for projects that combine individual colours or require joining individual parts (e.g. cutting out and re-inserting individual pieces). Parts connect together well. Soufflé clay is similar in consistency to the Fimo Soft clay. Polymer clays can be mixed together and if needed, you can take advantage of the benefits of various clays. The weight of the pack is smaller than Premo but the amount of clay is the same.


Weight 48 g
Product code: 47093
EU distributor: Manumi Crafts s.r.o., IČ/ID: 24260452

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